NLB Beekeeping for Beginners 2019 - NOW fully booked

This course covers the main aspects of keeping bees and the beekeeping year.
It combines theory with practical beekeeping and is for people considering
keeping bees in an urban location. It is led and taught by a team of our
experienced beekeepers.

The beginners’ course covers theory sessions and an extended practical session at our teaching apiary near Kenwood House and Highgate Village.

All course members can then attend NLB’s regular apiary teaching sessions, practical demonstrations, talks, meetings and social events held throughout
the year. There is no exam at the end of this course and is open to adults and young people over 18 years.


Following on from our Beginner’s Beekeeping course, the BBKA “Basic Assessment in Beekeeping” provides a way of confirming your knowledge and skill in handling bees. You need to have kept bees for a year and know about bee diseases in order to take the assessment. More details to appear in a newsletter.


THE Modules

Once you have passed the Basic Assessment, there are seven modules of study (there is no Module 4). We recommend that you form a group to study one of these modules or work towards them on an individual basis.

Information on the 'Basic Assessment' and 'Modules' including other courses and education can be found here on the BBKA website. 

For further information on courses please email Julie Parker, Education Officer at: