Membership Benefits


Membership benefits of North London Beekeepers include:

  • Affiliation to the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers
    and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

  • Third party insurance cover with BBKA and Bee Disease Insurance (BDI)

  • The monthly beekeeping magazine, BBKA News

  • Regular meetings at the NLB Kenwood Apiary

  • Beekeeping classes, workshops and practical sessions

  • Help and advice from other beekeepers

  • Regular lectures, talks and social activities

  • Honey shows and exhibitions

  • Market for honey and associated products at festivals

  • Regular newsletters

  • A friendly and experienced community of beekeepers

  • Hire of honey extractors


Membership costs for 2019

Membership of NLB is for the calendar year and members are encouraged to renew membership early in the year. Only paid up all existing members of NLB should renew their membership by 1st March or their Bee Disease Insurance [BDI} will lapse. Current subscriptions for 2019 remain unchanged since from 2016.


Full member NEW - £30 (£40)

Includes single membership of British BeeKeepers Association & BDI* disease insurance for three colonies and voting rights at general meetings, all mailings (most are by email only).

Full member RENEWAL - £30

Includes single membership of British BeeKeepers Association & BDI* disease insurance for three colonies and voting rights at general meetings, all mailings (most are by email only).


Partner member - £13

An individual beekeeper, minimum age 18 years, resident at the same address
as a Full Beekeeping Member, including Partner Membership of the BBKA, sharing one copy of communications sent to that address and no right to vote
at General Meetings. A Full Beekeeping Member may have any number of (separate, qualifying) Partner Members associated with his/her membership at
the same address.


ASSOCIATE member - £20

An individual who does not keep bees, with no right to vote at General Meetings, no affiliation to the British Beekeepers Association. Receives newsletters by email.   This class of membership is most suitable for Full members of other associations who also want to be members of NLB.


Junior member - £5

Age between 10 and 18 years, with no right to vote at General Meetings and only handles bees under the supervision of their parent or guardian who is a Full Beekeeping Member. No affiliation to British Beekeepers Association. Not eligible to attend classes.

 The higher fee (in brackets above) is payable by all new members and renewing members paying after paying after March. Please note that renewing after 1st March means that your BDI insurance will lapse (see below) and causes extra
work for the Committee.

The closing date for membership is at the discretion of the committee, if we are likely to overload our training and apiary facilities.

* BDI [Bee Disease Insurance] covers the insured for the statutory destruction
of bees, honey and equipment only for American or European foul brood.   Beekeeping memberships include cover for up to 3 three colonies. For those beekeepers with:

  • 4 - 5 colonies add £2.00 to the annual subscription rate.

  • 6 - 10 colonies add £5.25

  • 11 - 15 colonies  add £7.75

  • 16 - 20 colonies  add £9.50

  • 21 - 25 colonies add £11.50

  • over 25 colonies - please email the Membership Secretary

It is important to Please note, for insurance to be valid, all colonies owned by the beekeeper must be insured with BDI [Bee Disease Insurance]. BDI is valid from the 1st January of the year in which the subscription is paid to 31st December of that year, but BDI paid after 1st March only comes into force 40 days after the date of the treasurer's receipt, since your NLB membership will have lapsed. Full Beekeeping Members are automatically insured for BDI for 3 colonies each. Partner Members are not insured for BDI.

N.B. Make allowance for increases during the season, including swarms or nucs
as these count as individual colonies and must be insured accordingly to avoid invalidation of insurance.