what to do

If you think that a honeybee swarm has landed on your property, do not disturb it and keep pedestrians, children and pets away.

To identify if the insects are honey bees or something else please visit the British BeeKeepers' Association (BBKA) website:


The BBKA provides information on how to recognise other insects, advice on what to do and how to find a local swarm collector.

Our NLB beekeepers are part of the BBKA swarm collection scheme, which helps members of the public with honeybee swarms. We have swarm collectors in the London boroughs of Brent, Camden, Haringey, Islington, South Barnet and Westminster.

Please note that BBKA swarm collectors are voluntary beekeepers and not professionals. They will do their best to help with honeybees but they do not deal with bumble bees, solitary bees, wasps or other insects as these should be dealt with by your local council.